So is it Human nature?

What a price to pay huh?

how would you feel?

You have gobs of money so why do things that take time away from your family?

So why in your time of personal issues do u expect & ask for privacy?


Don't you know how many diseases are out there and the odds of getting any?

Do you enjoy playing so far away from home?

Now, will you please forgive me?

Why even get married?

what message will you be sending, that after what happened to you it means that golf is just for "faithful husbands"?

Soul on ice?

Why get married then?

How are you going to win your wife's trust back?

Did she give birth to your beautiful children?

You put your health, (and the health of your wife), your reputation, your career and your marriage in peril, for what?

WHY did you do it?????

have you ever not been able to make it back to the house and been forced to let 'er loose in your care?

What does the first day of school look like?

Did you hear about the worship leader that had an affair with another man's wife?

Although your actions were wrong who are we to be the judge and jury of your fate?

I just read your bio on this site and your proudest moment was winning the Masters?

This is a storm in your lives, will you endure it?

As for the tabloids, what was that famous line MJ said about Aldrige?

What did you do that for?

When was the last time you played.....alone?

how are you going to beat Jack's records if you're on the bench?

what were you thinking?


could y ever forgive?

what were you thinking when you spent that time with those horrible, unworthy women?

Who cares if God forgives have to deal with this mess NOW, ya know!?

What is a hero?

What would your dad tell you if he was still alive?

Is this how you want your children to know that you don't love their mother?

Do you enjoy playing so far away from home?

Elin's number please?

Hey Tiger can I have Elin's number?

What's the difference between Tiger Woods and santa?

Bill Clinton did same why didn't his wife kill him?

How could you really mess up more than this?

What I wanna know is which the toughest hole, the 1st or the 11th??

R u you kidding me? Do you enjoy playing so far away from home?

Why could you not keep your dick in your pants, for goodness sake with such a lovely wife, what could these women offer you?

how much pain you van cause to the ones who love you, and to yourself, just for moments of pleasure?

Can I share something here?

Would you have God?

have you still been able to get your practice time in on the driving range?

will you change your name to Cheetah now?

Are you going into a sexual addiction recovery program?

Has this all gone to your head?

Did you honestly think that you could get away with all this with no penalty?


How does that make you feel?

You are sorry???

Did you mean when you go away to tournaments or when you go to Vegas to do your dirty deeds?

Did you think that these women would be so honored to take your dic* inside them that they'd never talk???

why did you get married??

9 women over 3 years that we know of, no protection, and this is a mistake?

Did you even think about your little children?

What are you going to tell the kids who look up to you?

Is your comments moderator going to save you from these jokes?

A family man?

Why does u you do like that and only hit on the doves?

why did you do this to Mommy and us?

are there CONSQUENCES?

Was it worth it?

When are we going to learn that all the money in the world cannot buy contentment?

What else are you cheating at???

you couldn't have loved 10 women could you?

How could you ruin a beautiful pedestal that the world put you on?

Were you thinking about this during your nights with Mistress #1 or #10?

was it all worth it?

How can you be with all those women and then be with your wife?

can I be number 10?

Were the numerous affairs worth the personal, financial and professional costs?

how would you feel if it were your wife cheating?

What would HE want you to do?

Can you live on 10% of your former income?

You have small children and a gorgeous wife, what else could you ask for?

Has your behavior and lies really been worth all of this???

Do you enjoy playing so far away from home?

you can't say it was all an accident, now can you?

are you gonna sign on with a condom company any time soon?

Why would you want to pay them to stay?

Being away from your family??

Your fans fund a portion of your bank account and I wonder if that money was being used to fund your affairs?

Would my father/mother be proud of me at this moment for doing what I am doing?

You want to be a big man?

But this?

you call youself a man?

Do you cheat on youre score card?

why do people care about your personal life for?

How can people other than your family say to you "You let me down" did you contact them personally and make promises to them?

Why is it that a surplus of money spoils nearly everyone and everything?!

Do you you speak Swedish?

I dont believe your wife did not know about all the mistresses..did you and her have some type of arrangement ?

What does Jack Nicklaus think?

I guess we all know that's not true now, right?

How can one not agree with him?

You think you love your kids, or you loved your Dad?

tough to be away from the family, huh?

Did you not once think of her and your children?

how many different women do you need to feed your ego?

What have we been telling him?

What is wrong with you?

Because how can the world just hear what they have heard and just throw away their support for you just like that?

how do you think your father feels about you?

you have a void inside of you?

Just wondering if you have even had a thought about how you would feel if your daughter's husband did to her what


you started cheating on your wife when she was 7 months pregnant and continued on to your second child?


Brainwashing should be a punishable crime, don't you think?

Did you really think these women were going to stay quiet?

Anyone else to get bought out?

There's a war in Iraq and Afghanistan right?

what makes the man?

How inflated had your ego become to think that you would be able to keep your philandering from Elin or the

Who made up that rule??

If this was a neighbour on anyones street, would they care so much??

if the situation had not come out in the public arena, would you still be making a public apology?

Everything happens for a reason, huh?

Do you really think that you can find another women like Elin ?

where can I get Elin's hat she wore at Harding?

Why did you not think of your children and wife when you went about acting like a man without any responsibility?

Take care of yourself, your wife and those precious children...what could be more important?

who has ever said that the people in the world of media have any respect?

Sound good?

How is your family?

Why should you be held to some higher standard than I on a one vehicle accident?


Is it the tape on your fingers or caddy that makes you so good?

When did you begin to play irons or wedges with the new grooves ?

is the TWLC in Cerritos open to the public for tours?

What are you doing up after midnight???

how do you manage your game throughout your round?