What else are you cheating at???

On 12/08/09 1:01 AM on tigerwoods.com
jenn10 wrote:
OMG!! What a phoney!! Ibet this has gone on tor years. A fake and a fraud!! Not just 1 nite stands but little mini 3-4 month affairs. So when did he have time to love his wife and texting even after he was in their home.Tiger you are disgusting are you that full of yourself that made it okay to decieve your family and your fans. Iam not surprised at all you suck!! Well Mr Playa,Playa your wife isn't with you for the money,she can take care of herself,She loves you! How could you do this to your family . I bet you probably kick your ball closer to the hole when nobodys watching.Hopefully Elin will leave you and then you can go stay with one of those hoes......space A2 down in the trailer park. What else are you cheating at???

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